The story of 2018 at Stoquart Americas: a monkey, a customer, a bewildering result!

Did you know that somewhere in the beautiful Ontario countryside is a primate sanctuary? Introducing Story Book, a haven for 18 monkeys. Monkeys, in Canada? Unfortunately yes. They came from different settings: former zoos (like Pierre the baboon from Quebec Zoo), illegal zoos and private individuals. Some even acted as mascots at store entrances and three were used in scientific research. Last May, Story Book welcomed their first retired laboratory monkeys, the first to avoid euthanasia.

Story Book is home to some “famous” monkeys: Darwin, IKEA monkey (read his story here), and Pockets, better known as Pockets Warhol. This capuchin monkey is the Picasso of the sanctuary. He developed a particular taste for painting and indulges in his passion every Sunday with his muse. His character, as colourful as his paintings, is reminiscent of a true artist!

Last November, we asked him to put his talent to work for us and create a painting that we would then offer to Esri Canada, the world leader in mapping and GIS software. Esri Canada would include the painting in its Christmas auction, organized to benefit two charities: the David Suzuki Foundation and Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

Our simian artist set to work to create a beautiful painting in green and orange (the colours of Stoquart Americas) that his muse named FOXP2, an important “gene” in the transmission of grammatical abilities!

This is the result.

Surprising, isn’t it? Do you see the map of Canada too? It’s almost as if Pockets knew that his work was commissioned by the world leader in this field! This is really a case where reality has exceeded everything we could have imagined! Thanks, Pockets!

See Pockets at work in this video:

Follow Story Book on Facebook and/or Pockets on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find his paintings on his website.

Elizabeth Rioux

Translator and Account Manager, Stoquart Americas