December 31, 2020

Marketing translation services: How to prepare your source content

marketing translation services
Marketing translation services: How to prepare your source content As you enter new language markets, localizing content for foreign audiences can seem overwhelming. Certainly, translating your website is the first and most obvious step in the process. But what about blog posts, social media, and […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

B2B e-commerce translation

b2b ecommerce translation
B2B e-commerce translation What explains the rapid growth of online B2B sales? Scalability of cloud platforms and mobile access began the acceleration. The changing needs of buyers and the current sales environment shifted it into high gear. As business processes, logistics, and warehousing become automated, […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Marketing translation: the transcreation process

marketing translation
Marketing translation: the transcreation process Marketing translation demands more than simple translation. You’ve carefully crafted your message to convey your brand personality and appeal to your audience at an emotional level. To reach hearts as well as minds, you use familiar words and symbols to excite, […] (Read more...)

May 20, 2020

How to Localize for the Chinese Marketplace

By the Scriptis team Many businesses are anxious to take advantage of the Chinese market with its population of 1.4 billion, its exploding middle class, and its growing number of extremely affluent upper-class consumers. But jumping into the Chinese market without adequate preparation and brand localization […] (Read more...)