multimedia localization

September 1, 2020

Translating voice-overs for e-learning: best practices

Translating voice-overs for e-learning: best practices When planning for multilingual e-learning, an instructional designer can choose between subtitles or voice-overs. Subtitles are less expensive, but voice-overs are better when on-screen activities require the viewer’s full attention. In addition, voice-overs can foster a closer engagement with […] (Read more...)

June 26, 2020

Meet the Scriptis leadership team, in French and English

We've localized plenty of client videos, so it was fun to do our own! Our leadership team collaborated in writing French and English scripts. Then, folks from our offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Philadelphia taped their segments separately. This was our first big project together with our US team, who came on board with Scriptis Translations in May. (Read more...)