multimedia localization

February 10, 2021

Case study: English-French translation & voiceovers for financial training videos

Executive Summary Our client, Hoopis Performance Network, provides learning solutions for financial professionals. Their innovative web-based learning platform provides professional development training to personnel at leading financial institutions in the United States and Canada. The client approached Scriptis after experiencing difficulties with their prior localization […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Case study: Foreign-language subtitles for patient education videos

Executive Summary An international medical specialty membership organization came to Scriptis for foreign-language subtitles for patient education videos.  The organization advances quality care by providing training, safety accreditation, and certification for member physicians. It also educates patients about surgical procedures in order to help them […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Professional video translation: What’s involved?

Professional video translation: what’s involved? Sometimes the best way to reach an audience is through video. Typically, global businesses need multimedia translation for training videos, e-learning modules, product demonstrations, market research, marketing, and advertising. If your video is already completed, what will professional video translation […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

Multilingual desktop publishing: Always an adventure!

Multilingual desktop publishing: Always an adventure! After translation, a brochure or catalog needs reformatting to accommodate the new language. What could be so hard about formatting a translated document? Multilingual desktop publishing is more complicated than you might think. We can’t just use InDesign to […] (Read more...)

September 21, 2020

Foreign language voice-over: what’s involved?

Foreign language voice-over: what’s involved? You’ve prepared a business presentation, an ad campaign, an e-learning module, or a product demonstration video with voice-over, and you need it localized for global audiences. Creating a foreign language voice-over includes: Script translation Voice selection Actual voice recording Delivery […] (Read more...)