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March 23, 2021

Translation for EU MDR compliance

EU MDR Translation
Translation for EU MDR compliance The European Union Medical Devices Regulation (EU MDR) is now in effect. Manufacturers will need to comply with more stringent requirements for medical device labeling and instructions for use (IFUs). Medical device content must be translated into the official language(s) […] (Read more...)

February 15, 2021

Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs)

informed consent
Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs) Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs) requires subject matter expertise, cultural know-how, and carefully documented quality assurance. Why translate Informed Consent Forms? Before taking part in a medical research study, a participant needs to understand the risks involved. Informed […] (Read more...)

October 11, 2021

Case study: Medical device translation, back translation, and DTP

Executive Summary Our client required medical device translation in order to take their surgical joint replacement system to the European market. The content included package inserts, surgical instructions, and informational pamphlets about preparation for and recovery from joint replacement surgery. The client required translation and […] (Read more...)

January 8, 2021

Case study: Mobile app localization & voice recording

mobile app localization
Executive Summary Our client helps world travelers confidently locate, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world. They contracted with Scriptis for mobile app localization. The iOS and Android app allows travelers to translate useful health-related phrases and terms between English and 13 […] (Read more...)

December 31, 2020

Case study: Translation for medical supply catalogs

Executive Summary Our client, a global business headquartered in Korea, manufactures medical supplies and devices. They needed translation for medical supply catalogs. Their marketing material was originally translated into Latin American Spanish by another language provider. However, the client was not satisfied with the service. When […] (Read more...)