February 15, 2021

Case study: translation for financial services e-learning modules

translation financial services
Executive Summary Our client, a leading Canadian multi-line insurance and financial services organization, has been serving clients since 1945. The client has offices across Canada and more than 45 billion in assets under administration. Most of their English-French translation needs are met through their in-house […] (Read more...)

March 23, 2021

Translation for EU MDR compliance

EU MDR Translation
Translation for EU MDR compliance The European Union Medical Devices Regulation (EU MDR) is now in effect. Manufacturers will need to comply with more stringent requirements for medical device labeling and instructions for use (IFUs). Medical device content must be translated into the official language(s) […] (Read more...)

January 8, 2021

Case study: insurance translation and multilingual desktop publishing

insurance localization
Executive Summary In the US, employer-sponsored health insurance policies must be translated for employees with limited English proficiency. For over fifteen years, Scriptis has provided insurance translation for one of the largest insurers in the United States. The Challenge Scriptis translates and reformats between 3-5 […] (Read more...)

February 15, 2021

Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs)

informed consent
Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs) Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs) requires subject matter expertise, cultural know-how, and carefully documented quality assurance. Why translate Informed Consent Forms? Before taking part in a medical research study, a participant needs to understand the risks involved. Informed […] (Read more...)

January 8, 2021

Website localization: how to prepare for a successful outcome

website localization
Website localization: how to prepare for a successful outcome Translating your website into multiple languages (or even one language) can be a big undertaking. We strive to make the actual translation process as efficient and carefree as possible. However, the process always goes more smoothly […] (Read more...)