February 15, 2021

Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs)

informed consent
Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs) Translation for informed consent forms (ICFs) requires subject matter expertise, cultural know-how, and carefully documented quality assurance. Why translate Informed Consent Forms? Before taking part in a medical research study, a participant needs to understand the risks involved. Informed […] (Read more...)

February 5, 2021

Case study: Medical translation & keyword research

medical device translation
Executive Summary The client, a leading supplier of innovative medical devices for imaging, surgical, and radiation therapy professionals, required translated content to support international sales growth. They came to Scriptis for medical translation and keyword research. Scriptis translated instructions for use (IFUs) and website content […] (Read more...)

January 11, 2021

Avoid 4, embrace 8: Chinese translation of homophones

Avoid 4, embrace 8: Chinese translation of homophones Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. It is common in many languages for a word to carry multiple meanings. But because the range of Chinese phonemes (sounds) is relatively small, the language includes […] (Read more...)

February 15, 2021

Case study: Translation for financial services e-learning modules

translation financial services
Executive Summary Our client, a leading Canadian multi-line insurance and financial services organization, has been serving clients since 1945. The client has offices across Canada and more than 45 billion in assets under administration. Most of their English-French translation needs are met through their in-house […] (Read more...)

April 30, 2021

Case study: Linguistic validation of IFUs on a tight deadline

Executive Summary The client, a manufacturer of laser therapy delivery devices, needed three user manuals translated into eight European languages. Devices sold in the European Union need to demonstrate full compliance with EU-MDR regulations. Therefore, translations for labeling and instructions for use (IFUs) require linguistic […] (Read more...)