November 23, 2020

3 Steps for a smooth in-country review

3 Steps for a smooth in-country review Validating a translation with an in-country review is a great idea for content targeted to a specialized audience or industry. Even the best professional translators may not know everything about your particular field, so a final review might be recommended. […] (Read more...)

November 12, 2020

Case study: Mobile app and website translation increases foreign sales by 30%

Executive Summary Our client develops mobile apps to increase efficiency of WiFi hotspots. Their English-language app sold fairly well in foreign language markets, so they decided to increase sales with mobile app and website translation into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.  […] (Read more...)

November 3, 2020

How to choose a software localization partner

How to choose a software localization partner Congratulations on going global! Users overwhelmingly prefer software in their own native language, so you’ll need translation and localization to compete in foreign markets. An online search reveals thousands of translation companies, from global conglomerates to small agencies. […] (Read more...)

November 3, 2020

Best practices for mobile app translation

Best practices for mobile app translation Mobile app translation opens up opportunities in new markets. If you’re not familiar with the translation and localization process, you may wonder where to start. For excellent outcomes, follow these best practices. Start in development You should plan for […] (Read more...)

October 30, 2020

Software localization best practices

Software localization best practices If you plan to market your software solutions globally, translation and localization are essential steps. From the outside, the software localization process can look like a “black box.” Let’s open the box. Understanding software localization best practices helps you prepare for […] (Read more...)