June 26, 2020

Meet the Scriptis leadership team, in French and English

We've localized plenty of client videos, so it was fun to do our own! Our leadership team collaborated in writing French and English scripts. Then, folks from our offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Philadelphia taped their segments separately. This was our first big project together with our US team, who came on board with Scriptis Translations in May. (Read more...)

April 29, 2021

WordPress translation plugins: issues to consider

wordpress translation plugins
WordPress translation plugins: issues to consider According to a 2021 study published in Search Engine Journal, WordPress powers almost 40% of all websites. If you count only those websites that use a content management system (CMS), WordPress market share is 64.1%. When clients come to […] (Read more...)

April 14, 2021

Translation for blog posts: issues and workflows

translation for blog posts
Translation for blog posts: issues and workflows If you serve a multilingual market, you know the importance of translating your website. However, many multilingual sites maintain blogs in one language only. Scriptis has a strong bilingual customer base, and our clients demand content in both […] (Read more...)

February 5, 2021

Case study: Medical translation & keyword research

medical device translation
Executive Summary The client, a leading supplier of innovative medical devices for imaging, surgical, and radiation therapy professionals, required translated content to support international sales growth. They came to Scriptis for medical translation and keyword research. Scriptis translated instructions for use (IFUs) and website content […] (Read more...)

March 11, 2021

Case study: Translation for information technology RFPs

Executive Summary The Canadian subsidiary of a global IT business (2020 revenue: $39B) came to Scriptis for translations of requests for proposals from English into French.  This client had previously relied on one of the top five language service providers listed on the Common Sense […] (Read more...)

April 5, 2021

How to meet the challenges of e-commerce translation

e-commerce translation
How to meet the challenges of e-commerce translation Even before the pandemic kicked it into high gear, e-commerce was booming. And, according to research by Common Sense Advisory, “In spite of globalization and the growing use of English as a global language… people in 2020 […] (Read more...)