September 27, 2022

Meet Scriptor, the Scriptis team mascot

Scriptis has a new team mascot!  Scriptor the peregrine falcon flew in from his travels around the globe to share the Scriptis spirit. Bold innovation, fast service, agile workflows, and sharp-eyed translation and review set the Scriptis team apart. Scriptor cheers us on as we […] (Read more...)

August 24, 2022

Case study: automotive website translation for a global car manufacturer

Executive Summary Our client, the Canadian division of a global car manufacturer, decided to redesign their website. Scriptis partnered with their new web design agency to provide French translation. In addition to sections for owners and dealers, the site included a “car configurator” tool allowing […] (Read more...)

December 24, 2020

How to translate Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs)

translation services for clinical trials
How to translate Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) Preparation and teamwork are required to translate Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs). As you know, creating and validating a measurement instrument in one language can be a complex process. Translation requires a similar standard of care. In addition, internal […] (Read more...)

November 23, 2020

Four ways NOT to handle business translation

Four ways NOT to handle business translation We’ve seen organizations take a variety of approaches to business translation. Some of these might be OK for companies with small, infrequent translation requirements. However, we’ve run into four methods that hang on long after some businesses’ translation […] (Read more...)

July 25, 2022

Case study: Onboarding a client for e-commerce translation services

Executive Summary Canadian law requires all digital consumer-facing content to appear in both French and English. When a New Zealand-based fashion retailer entered the Canadian market, translation into French became a necessity. Their English language listings would not reach customers until the French versions were […] (Read more...)